wordpress 3.8
wordpress 3.8

Living without Windows Live Writer

Microsoft is not developing Windows Live Writer anymore: so users are looking for alternatives, some are described here. I’m writing a user guide online as WordPress blog posts, and Windows Live Writer is very useful as it handles images without making you do separate uploads. No other client does that… up to now: now the … Continue reading

Two images that present the effect of backface & transform: translate3d

While developing a jQuery scrollable parallax site component (coming soon) with @pupunzi we found out that having CSS3 animations impacted dramatically performances on Firefox, but adding by hand instructions on CSS3 on backface and transform: translate3d (which normally you should not do) solved the problem. See this discussion: Considerations for CSS3 Transition Performance. Look how … Continue reading

Play with your brand narratives

Play with your brand narratives

I’ve recently been at an interesting (and very well organized) event on Brand Storytelling, the Brand Storytelling Forum in Milan, where several ad agencies presented campaigns on brand storytelling. The campaigns presented were from major corporate brands (Luxottica, Ing Direct and so on) ; I tried to read and gain more depth on the theme … Continue reading

HTML5 devices